Welcome to the Health Data Science Sandbox

a collaborative project with team members spanning five Danish universities


Purpose: We support and advance health data science training and research in Denmark (and beyond).

Methods: We link GDPR-safe, non-person-sensitive health datasets, teaching materials and tutorials, analysis tools, and compute power from Danish supercomputers in a training/prototyping-ready environment which we call the Sandbox.

Features: We package topical datasets and tutorials/teaching material as training modules that cover clinical, biological, and practical computing subjects that are relevant to analyzing large biomedical datasets. Analysis demos are provided as R Markdowns and Python Jupyter notebooks wherever possible. Materials are open-source and publicly available via our Github org at hds-sandbox. These resources are paired with HPC power and required computational tools at Computerome (DTU) and UCloud (SDU).

Usage: We support and run courses in health data science on Computerome and UCloud, where students are granted access to the Sandbox via course leaders. We are also actively deploying training modules as apps on UCloud which trainees can access independently for self-guided tutorials. Independent access to Sandbox materials on Computerome is also under development. See our Access page for updates and our Contact page if you have questions.

Support: We are currently providing active support for courses through a Sandbox slack workspace. See our Contact page for more information.

Contribute: The Sandbox welcomes proposals for new courses, modules, and prototyping projects from researchers and educators. We'd like to partner with lecturers engaged with us in developing needed materials collaboratively - we would love to have input from subject experts or help promote exciting new tools and analysis methods via modules! Please contact us with your ideas at nhds_sandbox@sund.ku.dk.

Acknowledgements: We thank the Novo Nordisk Foundation for funding support via the Data Science Research Infrastructure initiative. If you use the Sandbox for research or reference it in text or presentations, please acknowledge the Health Data Science Sandbox project and its funder the Novo Nordisk Foundation (grant number NNF20OC0063268). Thank you!